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and all of that. they're taught about china, japan, the u.s., and, you know, south korea and russia, and that's pretty much it. so it's absolutely pervasive, their attempts to control the minds of the populace. >> yeah. you mentioned earlier something along the lines of this is like a secularized divine right of kings scenario where everything as the regime claims becomes gospel, and reality almost bends toward those claims. like it's not what you're seeing. there's a story in the book about the finish i'm sorry if i pronounce it incorrectly, but the mountain -- >> mount pektu. they always have the sing-songy thing. >> this is the mountain that's the greatest pride of any north korean -- >> right, any korean. >> right. because they don't consider it to be north korea. >> right. it's the ancestral home of all the korean people. >> right. and there's a story where kim jung-il asked a question of his advisers about what's the highest mountain in the world, and someone says mount everest? and he says, no, you're wrong, it's mount pektu, and the reason why is because height shouldn't be
continue with ian bremer, president and founder of eurasia group. >> we cannot isolate russia. we can push them toward china. it's not in our interest. our coalition on ukraine is canada because they have a large population and elections coming up and japan because they're japan. i like canada and japan, they're great countries, but it's not a goalings. >> charlie: we conclude with ram guha, his book india at the gandhi. >> if someone oppressed you before gandhi, you ask him to treat you like a human being or bash him. gandhi invented an alternative. collective solidarity, express to non-violent action. university, worldwide. the second thing and important thing why i think he's such a great figure is the ability to forge relations between rival religious groups -- hindu, muslim, christian, jew. >> charlie: a look at the world as it is and what it might be when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: jessica mathews is here. she is president of the carnegie endowment for international peace. it is a globa
russia today and that trigger is the continued destabilization inside ukraine to the point that it would impede crucial elections in ukraine set for may 25th, about three weeks from now. and as the u.s. sets this new red line, the u.s. and russia are moving further apart in their views of the situation. the u.s. is blaming russia. russia blaming the u.s. today you have the president saying that clearly russia must be involved and they must be peaceful if they have missiles to shoot down helicopters. meanwhile, russia's ambassador to the u.n. accusing the u.s. of orchestrating the violence. he made the point that every time a u.s. official visits kiev, that the violence on the ground increases. you also have western officials taking a more darkly humorous look at the events tweeting ukrainian helicopters shot down in slovyansk, some elderly ladies must have bought rpgs at the grocery store, i assume. this is dark humor. they have a way to push back against the russian propaganda and it's really enflaming the ground and it's to support the paramilitaries and we're seeing the effects right
to the growing unrest. russia has warned any assault by ukrainian troops in the region would have caused catastrophic consequences there are several look at international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here next week. the seal hunt for some speed in check. after spending most of her life in figure skating and haven't been in this spotlight for the past few years korea's ice queen you know will take the ice once again for her retirement pay. open all the weekend on sunday she hosted a press event which included a look at the rehearsals their the twenty three year old was attacked he said that she wanted to make the ice show her best today and hope that it helps to heal the nation still grieving over the skeletal ferry accident the show continues on through tuesday. and they can agree is the first round is in the books for both the pga and lpga nice ornaments first if the wells fargo championship. i'm helping her around churches but the early lead at six under while phil mickelson and martin flores trailed by a stroke meanwhile over in texas for the north texa
against russia clear in recent weeks. as a result, germany's position is unlikely to shift, barring a dramatic escalation of the conflict in ukraine. we will hear from chancellor merkel and president obama. in the meantime, a washington journal discussion this morning on the effectiveness of sanctions. host: our friday roundtable focusing on the issue of sanctions as a foreign-policy tool, do they work? carla anne robbins is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. mark dubowitz of the foundation for democracy. "the wall street journal" the president meets with angela merkel. german companies opposing sanctions, can you explain. guest: german companies opposed sanctions against iran, it is no surprise they are opposing sanctions against russia. the german corporate lobby is very strong. it is no surprise. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including former german chancellor, who is making a lot of money helping natural gas flow from russia to germany. no surprise. angela merkel is under pressure. host: one of the fundamental flaws of sa
, it is no surprise they are opposing sanctions against russia. the german corporate lobby is very strong. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including former german chancellor, who is making a lot of money helping natural gas flow from russia to germany. no surprise. angela merkel is under pressure. host: one of the fundamental flaws of sanctions as a foreign-policy tool? guest: it is limited and a blunt instrument but also there is no other choice. not a lot of other alternatives. politics are flawed, too. germany is russia's's largest trading partner in the eu. they have more economic interest in the u.s. and its owing to be hard to pressure russia and a major way unless the europeans are willing to play. host: let me share what jack lew told members of congress when it came to sanctions and at russia and the wealthy individuals linked to president putin. [video clip] >> if you look at the impact on russia's economy, it is misleading to look at what happens day by day. you have to look over the period of time since russia went into crimea and since we
they will discuss more economic sanctions on russia but at some point the real question is whether tightening the screws on a major trading partner ceases to be in the interest of the german government. >> joe, a bit of a turn. another problem, really one that's plagued the administration for quite some time now. i want to get your take on. new criticism coming at the administration for their handling on the violence in benghazi, the deadly events in benghazi. this e-mail from ben rhodes that came out, is it really a smoking gun as is being described by republicans or is this just more -- is this politicking as this issue has become a bit of a political football ahead of the midterms? >> well, it's a question of optics, kate. also a question of putting the obama administration back on defense with house republicans exploiting those newly disclosed documents that suggests the white house may have misled the public about the attack in benghazi that killed a u.s. ambassador. this all had quieted down but now sort of brought back into the limelight after the non-profit group judicial watch uncove
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in the pro russia stronghold of sloppy ounce. and train down to unite stage of botched execution in the state of oklahoma has reignited the debate over the death penalty. thirty eight year old clayton market was scared to be put to death by lethal injection on tuesday. but dr stop the execution when he began composing and whiting in pain. he then died of a massive heart attack about forty minutes after the procedure. state officials had been testing a new cocktail of chemicals in its lethal injections. human rights groups have condemned the incident as torture and called for nationwide ban on capital punishment the governor of oklahoma mary fallin has ordered an independent review into the state's execution protocols. she also said that executions for other death row inmates have been delayed pending the results of the investigation. and finally unions across korea held rallies today in light of the international labor day. but indonesia has also showed its united support for workers' rights. more than one hundred thousand to two the streets in the capital city of jakarta on thursday calling
of the middle east. as china, russia, iran, and north korea push for more advanced launch vehicles, the construction of an east coast site will dramatically improve the ability of our military to intercepted incoming threats by increasing the ability to engage and defeat those threats. with the 2009 cancellation of the missile defense site in poland, coupled with an increased threat environment, it's imperative that we continue to act to protect the homeland from the long range ballistic missile threat. i thank you for your consideration to this amendment. i want to again thank chairman culberson for his commitment. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from texas, for what purpose. mr. culberson: move to strike the last word. the chair: is recognized for five minutes. mr. culberson: i rise in strong support of this amendment and i thank my colleague from georgia and working with us on making sure we get this done. we are long overdue for any ballistic missile site on the continental united states here on the east coast in particular. my good friend from
's oldest and closest relationships in asia with talks with the philippines . russia continued to muscle ukraine, syria is set to turn over the last of its chemical weapons but continues to kill civilians with hayes, and he returns to washington empty hasn'ted with th handed with talks from palestine and israel. >>> in crisis around the world in the past five years did the u.s. get the approach that the president wanted? that's the "inside story." let's recap by looking at the u.s. in the world during the obama years. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama headed home after a week-long visit to four asian nations. the trip was part of the president's promise to strength solidarity and trade. >> today the philippines welcomed president obama. >> reporter: but in the news conference along side the filipino president, a reporter brought more to the surface than planned. >> as you end this trip, i don't think i have to remind you there have been unflattering reminders of your foreign policy. >> reporter: unscripted reminder of the president's modest successes abroad. >> typically criticism
expand their reach as russia's president again denies he's behind the unrest, and criticizes western sanctions. >>> and japanese leaders are doing what they can to make japan an easier place to do business. north korean officials have issued a statement on their threat to conduct another nuclear test. they first warned of the test last month after the u.n. security council condemned their ballistic missile launch. >> translator: there's no statute of limitations on our declaration to not rule out a new form of nuclear test. such a test is our right to self-defense that no one can prevent. >> analysts at a u.s. research group have reported more activity at a nuclear test site in the north. and south korean government officials believe north korea has completed preparations for a possible nuclear test. north korean watchers say the statement could mean pyongyang will not carry out a test any time soon. but they also say it might be trying to confuse other countries. the korea institute for defense tells us what north korea's recent actions could mean. >> north korea's provocations are
month the un. as the us and eu continue to mull over for the economic sanctions against russia. although we don't make telephone calls he has formed a new retirement reactions could be due to defects in the short time. he has no sanctions will affect were shaking me deeply. it's the current russian gold and foreign currency reserves the peculiarities of the energy distribution system ways energy suppliers can be replaced and all these to the conclusion is that in the next three to five years the situation will not be critical for directions comments. this is. it used torture being complicit in violence against protest is being kept independence square where the true form and present it is a democrat which he leads people to try and comprehend how the crisis in ukraine is understood from a russian perspective. he did in the minds of ordinary normal very good erection people even my friends and my school friends. there is a presumption that the power in kiev has been taken by fastest and then their acts and bass when pressure fights that it doesn't like the people of ukraine lights that fi
polled by u.s.a. today said, sanction russia but don't arm ukraine. >> guest: i disagree. satisfactions will never work but a we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that doesn't hurt. you need sanctions in an -- in types of countries that can't bite back. the sanctions work go in north korea. potentially iran. much more difficult in a -- against economy as large as russia where there's so many inner dependencies. nobody is calling for u.s. or nato come bad troops on the ground to engage, but we're talking about providing defensive weaponry, antitank weapons, to change's putin's cal can includes, that he doesn't mass a full-fledge invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry says about the middle east peace progress. your colleague, senator ted cruz, said that kerry should step down for saying that israel risks an apartheid state. >> guest: the comment was obvious unfortunate is probably the best word to put on it. what it also does, basically betrays a
border with south. all in. it didn't seem more western sanctions spelled out against russia this time out of brussels. another takeover of a government building in the east of ukraine this time the city of logan's that's just forty five km from the russian border was good in eastern ukraine in costs over the falls and gets dog was herbert was what's the latest. plus my reading of the people's republic of donetsk which is where i can we have got to see the creation of the three of the gods know that god is in the fourth largest city in ukraine and it seems very much at this hour tonight falling into the hands this effort is as other cities throughout the eastern region have in recent days and weeks of the situation because it is as you said we took a canal building a strategic site is really the first to go it seems today. several thousand demonstrators are besieged at early dawn of the broken window that broke into the building the race to flag down a russian flag over the roof. a few hours later it was the regional television stations and in the prosecutor's office and now at this hour a
the google driverless to the ford ultralight and around the world, russia may not be on the best speaking terms with the u.s. but north korea is a different story. the battle for content and media is told by media these -- disney ceo bob iger. we are going to kick it off -- the owner of the l.a. clippers allegedly said something that was downright ugly. >> that was audio released over the weekend by tmz. the man's voice was attributed to donald sterling and he was having an argument with his girlfriend at the time. he has neither admitted nor denied it is his voice but the clippers say those are not his views. many people have spoken otherwise. >> there is absolutely no place in the nba family for ignorance, intolerance, reprehensible comments that are unacceptable and not fitting for what this league is all about. >> he's got to come down hard. he should not own the team anymore. >> there's no room in this game for a owner like that. >> he cannot -- he must pay a social price for his attempt to turn back the clock on race relations. >> donald sterling should be dealt with severely if the
. pro-russia activists smashed their way into the regional administration building and -- in luhansk. with the windows broken, the crowd could climb in. of theirade no secret political sympathies. these are supporters of moscow who reject ukraine's pro eu government, which they see as illegitimate. a they are devising referendum on breaking away from kiev. it was not long before the governor's office had a new receptionist. the intruders are determined to stay. as for the police, they did nothing to stop this. they left the building without fighting back. >> the overwhelming majority of law enforcement bodies in the east are incapable of fulfilling their duty to defend our citizens. all the representatives of the services who are unable to fulfill their professional duties will be fired. >> for days now, pro-russian haves, some heavily armed, been seizing government buildings and police stations across the nation. the west accuses russia of stoking separatist sentiment here and escalating tension. today, the eu announced new sanctions against moscow. asset freezes against 15 individu
to provide a limited amount of natural gas to ukraine and russia decides to cut supply while the deal could help soften the blow if russia cut gas supplies amid the crisis between the two countries the agreement is not its far reaching and clear thinking of adults under the deal slovakia will make technical adjustments to an old unused pipeline to ship about eight to nineteen cubic meters of gas. starting in the autumn larger than a taste of the crimean peninsula and the continuing turmoil in ukraine teeth set up the most serious beef with prices since the cold war and raised the possibility of a gas crisis in europe the united states slapped sanctions against them or what officials and seventy merchant company linked to russian president but the report in the mood of the latest attempt to punish moscow court intervention in ukraine a charge denied by russian official the white house said the seven russians who include the nurse jen head of russia's major oil company ross nap and a close ally of them are now subject to a freeze on any assets they hold in the united states and a ban on us tr
to those that were polled by "usa today" that said sanction russia but don't arm ukraine, that is what they found out in this poll. >> guest: i disagree. sanctions i don't believe are ever going to work because we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that are going to have enough teeth where it doesn't hurt western interests as bad. and so we'll never have the types of sanctions. you need sanctions in an, in types of countries that can't bite back. sanctions work good, i think, in north korea, potentially iran. i think it's much more difficult against an economy as large as russia. again, nobody's calling for a u.s. or nato combat troops on the ground to engage, but we are talking about providing some pretty good defensive weaponry, things like antitank weapon, that type of thing, to change putin's calculus so he doesn't mass a full-fledged invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry said about the mideast peace process. your colleague, senator ted cr
sanctions against russia, an investigation into corruption gets under way. the opulent home filled with suits of armor. there was a golf course on the outside. dozens of antique cars and a massive riverboat and more. >> reporter: when ukraine comes to terms with the troubled economy and asks where did all of the money go? here is part of the answer. the president's own vodka. >> today the u.s. attorney general will participate in a forum in britain to help identify, trace and recover proceeds of corruption stolen by the former ukrainian regime. an interesting exercise since the guy who used to live in that palace is now protected in russia. matthew chance joins us from washington. what are the russians saying about this? >> reporter: there's been no official reaction of course to this. you're right the ousted former president of ukraine does indeed live somewhere in the moscow region. you know what? i think many russians see this exercise, however valiant it is, as being something of double standards. yes, okay. it may be worthy to look for the stolen assets of this regime but will
that russia will not invade ukraine. a statement says russian defense minister sergei shoigu made the promises to his u.s. counterpart chuck hagel in a phone call. russian troops have recently carried out major exercises near ukraine's border. shoigu explained that the military presence is due to concerns about possible violence in eastern ukraine. he said ukrainian authorities could use force against unarmed civilians. leaders in the u.s. and the european union are urging president vladimir putin to halt what they call russian intervention in ukraine. white house spokesperson jay carney said russia has not failed to meet its commitments, but has escalated the crisis. russian diplomats had agreed in geneva this month to help de-escalate the tensions in eastern ukraine. carney also said the administration will apply sanctions to seven more russian officials, as well as 17 financial institutions and energy firms. leaders in europe added 15 names to their sanctions list. those targeted will face travel bans, and asset freezes. russian officials are criticizing the u.s. administration's decision.
. in 2010, north korea shelled a south korean island, leaving four dead. >> russia's biggest trading partner announcing bigger sanctions because of the ukraine crisis, e.u. saying there are tarts. the u.s. imposed sanctions against seven top russian officials linked to russian president vladimir putin. the u.s. saying it will freeze their assets and ban them from obtaining american visas. in ukraine, the division between those in favor of russia and those for a united ukraine are getting deeper. ukraine's parliament meeting in kiev over ongoing tensions in the eastern cities. we are in donetsk, ukraine. what is the reaction on the streets? do they think sanctions will change the reality on the ground? >> at the moment, there is not much reaction. i think it's irrelevant to what this region is going through at the moment. you won't see direct impact and many people don't understand what sanctions mean and how will it change what's happening here. yesterday with all impunity, gunman, the usual ones with their faces covered seized another local building. then there was these riots here in the c
fails? aaron is here. an oil giant is caught up in the sanctions against russia. it may be british. bp owns a 20% stake many the giant rosneft. now the u.s. has added this man the boss of rosneft to its sanction list saying he's in vladimir putin's inner circle. we asked what impact this could have on bp. hello. it is midday in london, 7:00 washington, 3:00 in moscow. there's been a twist? the tug of war over ukraine. russia described the unprecedented increase in u.s. and nato activity near borders. the defense minister told his u.s. counter part to tone down the rhetoric promising russia had no plans to invade ukraine. meanwhile eu followed washington and announced new sanctions targeting top political players in russia. on the ground the situation remains unchanged and unstable. nick childs has this. >> sloviansk today looking very much like a pro russian strong hold in the ukraine's unsettled east. this local resident absolutely supports the separatists here and possible recession. this man says he's for a unified ukraine and fed up with everything that's happened. the fact trade h
>>> hello. i'm geeta guru-murthy with bbc world news. our top stories. russia condemns nato activity on borders as western powers impose sanctions over the situation in ukraine. >>> north korea has drills near the border which remains on high alert. >> what now for the middle east? after decades of talks and continuing conflicts, there's no peace deal. >>> storms across parts of the united states, devastated communit community. >>> hello. moscow has attacked the european union for its latest sanctions over russian activities in ukraine. deputy foreign minister called the measures absolutely counter productive. they target 15 individuals. among them is the russian deputy prime minister. he's responsible for overseeing the annexation of crimea. also the office of eu says they're active in eastern ukraine and chief of staff for russia's mass. all will have assets frozen and subject to a travel ban. all this comes amid for violence in the country. bbc hasn't been able to authenticate this but it shows a pro ukrainian rally of 1,000 people under attack. there have been continued
is adding sanctions against 15 people no connection with russia's actions with ukraine. they include vladimir putin. russia is criticizing the move as well as sanctions from the u.s. they're vowing a painful response. the u.s. targeted seven officials. >>> today vice president biden will unveil a plan to combat the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses. it would require colleges to survey students for a better sense of how often assaults take place and provide a checklist for schools to re-examine sexual misconduct policies. the white house is launching a new website to publish enforcement data. those are your headlines at quarter past the hour. >>> let's take a break. when we come back on "new day," a piece of puzzle revealed for flight 370. the last radio communication between the cockpit and the control tower finally played to the families. we're going to get reactions this fr them and analysis from our team of experts. >>> nba just hours from announcing possibly repercussions for the l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. can his team be taken away from him?
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with pro-russian protesters, blood shed happening as the u.s. announces new sanctions against russia. we're live on the ground with the very latest, next. >>> welcome back. we're following breaking news. more deadly tornadoes striking the south overnight. twisters on the ground in alabama, mississippi, tennessee, leaving at least 13 people dead, that on top of the 16 killed in arkansas, oklahoma and iowa. officials warn the death toll likely to rise as rescuers get a closer look at this extensive damage. stay with us for the very latest. more here on cnn. >> yeah, we'll stay on that all morning. >>> meanwhile, eastern ukraine closer to the breaking point after rallies in donetsk. they were set upon by separatists with clubs and whips, reportedly declaring this place is russia. this came just hours after the u.s. placed new sanctions against some of vladimir putin's closest allies in an effort to de-escalate the crisis, but moscow says this will only make things worse. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh live in slovyansk, ukraine, this morning. nick, give us a sense of th
for sanctions against russia for allegedly funding in court many pro russian separatists in ukraine the kremlin denies the accusations and says the uprising is a spontaneous response. investors in twenty eu member nations are also meeting in brussels at this hour to decide on a cold a separate set of sanctions against russia. obama said the sanctions would represent the next stage in trying to hurt moscow's efforts to destabilize the region. we don't yet know whether to work. and that's why in the next day is if in fact we saw further russian aggression towards ukraine it would be such moral sanctions less narrowly targeted. addressing. sectors like banking for the defense industry. meanwhile the mayor of car keys has been shot and critically wounded. in any kern as was her pearly shot in the back by our unknown gunmen and is said to be undergoing emergency surgery this comes as pro russian rebels continue to seize more buildings and other major cities in eastern ukraine and taking a look at southeast asia us pres obama has arrived in the philippines as per his ongoing diplomatic tour of asia p
filing sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine. the specific parts of the russian economy they are targeting. >> there must be sanctions that make it clear that the nba family will have zero tolerance for such conduct today, tomorrow or ever. >> the nba investigating allegations of racist remarks from the owner of the l.a. clippersers. how everyone from the players to the president is reacting to the controversy. >> arming cars to withstand bullets and bombs in a city with a long history of violence. >> good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. >> i'm receive stay. parts of the united states are waking up to destruction caused by three tornadoes, at least 18 people have been killed by the twisters spawned by a powerful storm system. >> most of those fatalities happening in arkansas near little rock, additional deaths in iowa and oklahoma. >> tornadoes touched down in missouri near job lynn, the same small town where a tornado killed 161 in 2011. the storm system is expect the to remain active through wednesday. >> president obama saying the federal gove
is very concerned at how russia will respond to any use of force by these men. in the next town, artemisk, a demonstration in favor of russia. it's a small crowd although they do seem to have some support on the sidelines. pro-russians, control the government building in donetske, they had an unexpected visitor one of russia's most wealthy men, now trying to mediate in ukraine. but they call him a tak take itr antaketraitor andtell him to go. in donetske, took over the television station. and the police, such allies of the government in kyiv, stood by and watched it happen. but the largest crowds of the day were in the cemeteries. the days of the dead when the people go to meet their ancestors' spirits, natalia wonders. >> my relatives would be shocked if they could see what was happening. they would say you have to fight for our blood, in ukraine. my brother lives in russia and i live here. i'm worried my son will be taken into the army. >> she's part of the silent majority that wants peace. a majority that feels powerless to stop the drift. barnaby phillips, ukraine. >>> tens of thousan
to be a cold war where u.s. ask russia were facing off, and any crisis could lead to potential nuclear confrontation, as bad as ukraine is, it's not that. so we're making great progress. but anybody who thinks you can leave 17,000 hydrogen bombs in human hands and something terrible is not going to happen sooner or later, you have not been paying attention. so for me it's nuclear weapons and the variety of ways those weapons could go off, and i'll conclude with this in that, the nuclear problem that i worry about the most, and this is a name of a chapter in my book, which is available, by the way -- it's called "the most dangerous country on earth" and it's not iran, not north korea, it's pakistan, and it goes -- this point about asia and it's particularly south asia where there are hundreds of nuclear weapons, unresolved conflicts, unstable economies, fundamental ism. we're courting disaster in south asia. >> let me build on that and ask about the iran talks, the iran nuclear talks going on right now. there's a great deal of optimism worldwide about this, although there have been some
see what's going on in russia and ukraine and how europe is really set in their tracks unable to do anything because they're getting 35% of their gas from russia. they don't want to rock the boat with the sanctions. now putin has said he's not spoking to obama. where is canada in terms of the foreign policy that is being called failed in the u.s.? >> canada is working closely with the united states on the ukraine. we have a third largest population is ukrainian in canada. we are working closely with the white house and the pentagon and the president on the ukraine. we obviously believe the bigger vision in north america of having energy independence inr leverage with russia and it's good for less dependcy on venezuela and on the middle east. some of the people that don't like the united states are supplying oil to the united stat states. >> you recentlyly >> you recentlyl did an importat treaty. >> it's going to be financial and it's also energy is part of the biggest set of revenues for russia. we think getting our house in order developing allows us to have leverage with our frien
.o.a., to bbc and a kid in russia i can tell you that the products are different, the competition much more fierce. is much more entertaining and competitive and -- interrate r interrelated. of fer to the game throefrpbs and sex in the city re permeating the russian discourse on facebook and outside of facebook. a new ballgame in the sense of the content is different, the technology is different. but the strategic purposes remain the same. to e are both tools influence how we think, how thers think and other understand in many cases better than away did. understand soft a er been we do exactly as y -- geopolitical competition. this is something we can be very good at. we are just at it moment in as good.ware not to bring oes it take position, the leading becoming once again the leading power there is a challenge to us and the administrations to come. thank you. >> thank you very much for a onderful panel and thanks to all of you for coming for this great discussion. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> today a pa
and russia and that's pretty much it. it's absolute pervasive, their attempts to control the minds of the populace. >> you mentioned earlier something along the lines of this is a secularized divine right of kings scenario where everything of the regime becomes gospel and reality almost bends towards those claims. it's not what you are seeing. there's a story in the book, i'm sorry if i pronounce it incorrectly but the mountain. >> they always to the singsong thing. >> this as a mountain that is the greatest pride of any north korean. >> or any korean. >> right, because they don't consider to be north korean. there's a story where kim jong-il ask this question of his advisers about what's the highest mountain in the world and someone says don everest? he says no, you are wrong. it's actually mount picked two and the reason why is height shouldn't be measured by actual height but rather the spiritual greatness. >> it is the birthplace of the revelation. it is absurd that you have to mention what it's like growing up in a country where this is what you are taught as reality. i matter
into and violated ukrainian airspace last night. russia has denied violating the airspace. >>> back in this country, the nra finds itself in a dogfight this year. it's being challenged by a new antigun lobby backed by billionaire michael bloomberg. but the nra and about 70,000 supporters meeting in indianapolis this weekend aren't flinching. executive director pierre says the organization faces a do or die challenge. >> we trust in our freedom, and in an uncertain world, surrounded by lies and corruption, there is no greater freedom, believe me, than the right to survive, to protect our families, with all the rifles, shotgun shs a shotgun, and handguns that we want. >> the nra invite prod gun politicians to address the convention. among them senator marco rubio and governor bobby jindal. >>> tonight sarah palin. >>> all right. police in millford, connecticut, are investigating the stabbing death of 16-year-old girl. sanchez died after being slashed in the neck, chest, and face in a school stairwell. she was set to attend her prom that night. a classmate is under arrest and faces a murder charge. >>
could come against russia as early as monday. also overshadowed by those mideast peace talks that fell apart earlier this week. >> speaking of earlier this week, the president of course visiting south korea. what was his message there. >> well, he reaffirmed the united states commitment to south korea and also had more strong words, stern warning for north korea. essentially saying north korea would only become more isolated if it engaged in further incidents like the nuclear test. >> north korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that leads only to more isolation. it's not a sign of strength. anybody can make threats. anyone can move an army. anyone can show off a missile. that doesn't make you strong. it does not lead to security or opportunity or respect. those things don't come through force. they have to be earned. >> president obama also thanked american troops who are stationed in south korea. he spoke to them before he left the country and also offered his condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in that ferry accident in south korea. alex. >> okay, th
. the decision to hit key sectors of russia's economy like energy and banking remains on hold. >> the europeans and the united states have been consistent in calibrating sanctions that could provide a deterrent to the russians providing support to the ukrainians leaving open a path for resolving this problem diplomatically. >> reporter: but the president also rejected the notion he has other options in ukraine. >> we seem to have gotten into the habit of thinking that when there are hard foreign policy problems, that there may actually be a definitive answer. typically those who offer that definitive answer come up with the use of force as the definitive answer. >> reporter: mr. obama said as president and as a student of history he's skeptical of military force generally and particularly in ukraine. even though white house officials concede economic sanctions have so far failed in ukraine and the threat of more may not save that fragile country. for "cbs this morning saturday," major garrett, seoul, south korea. >>> this weekend, russian troops are conducting exercises
. now today moscow said that it's taking steps to resolve the situation but elsewhere, alex, russia is escalating the tension. in addition to those ground maneuvers you mentioned close to the boirter, there is now -- they're now showcasing state of the art s 300 antimissile systems, russian jet fighters are crossing -- have crossed several times in the past 24 hours and according to the pentagon russian troops are doing what they call, pulsing. that's fainting an invasion only to stop short of the border and peel off north and south. it's apparently a way to test ukraine's reaction in case of a real invasion. of course, alex, finally with all of this going on, the worry is that with president obama and putin no longer talking to each other, the chances of any resolution of this crisis are low but the chances of a dangerous miscalculation on either side are very high. alex, back to you. >> okay, jim maceda. when we next speak i'd like to talk to you about what you found when you went to the ukrainian monastery. we'll get to that next time. thanks so much. >>> more details are emergin
on more sanctions for russia as ukraine fears an imminent invasion. u.s. sanctions could be levied as early as this monday. early overnight president obama arrives in malaysian on third leg. conduct a nuclear test during the president's trip. anna? there is a second wave of the flew sweeping the country and hitting kids especially hard. what do you need to look out for and how do you know if it's the flu or something else like allergies? joining us now is nurse practitioner the founder of mid level u. good morning how are you? >> i know you said this super winter is causing worse allergies. how do we tell it's just allergies or we really have the flu. >> good rule of thumb is that allergy are more debilitating. flu you get body aches, high fever temperatures 101, 102. severe headache and a lot of the hacking cough. allergies, you get more of runny nose, congestion, itchy watering eyes and sneezing. flu people tell me they have been hit by a truck. allergies they are not so bad. they are annoying but don't make you feel ill all over. >> this isn't the time we normally think about ge
jazeera america . >> vladimir putin can down play it, but there is no doubt that russia is feeling the jesussed from the sanctions. what sanctions america can use to force the russian president's hand, and the el niÑo weather pattern could effect the world's food supply. we'll look at the business of firearms and believe me business is booming. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> this is real money. this is the most important part of the show. tweet me ali velshi or on velshi. it has been a week of escalating tensions between ukraine and russia, but it took a sunday down grade to break the back of already jittery world markets. a global down turn in stocks crossed the atlantic and hit the dow and s&p 500. the nasdaq took a bigger hit, 1.75%. investors may have reacted badly to the lowered russian bond rating that is now one notch above junk status. visa's stock fell 5%. still standard & poor's decision to down grade russia's credit rating hit like a bolt of lightening. the s&p with a record flight out of russia. $51 billion since the beginning of this yea
sanctions on russia as ukraine's government is sounding the alarm. the country's prime minister claims that russia wants to start world war 3. ukraine always voiced those fears at the united nations today. the country's deputy foreign minister responded to this question from james bays. >> reporter: do you fear that the russians are on the verge of an invasion? yes, we have the information that we are in danger. that's why we call upon the russian authorities to explain for what reason they keep so many troops along our border. >> mike viqueira joins us on the telephone from seoul south korea, what is the latest mike? >> well, in g-7 put forward this statement, john. previously the president signed executive orders, the europeans had gone along, but this is a unified movement and a unified statement. siting the fact that russia has taken no concrete actions in support of the geneva accords that were reached last thursday, matter of fact the situation has worsened significantly. the g7 leaders say it has continued to escalate tensions, by threatening military maneuvers. so the g-7 leade
military moves prompted a new blast today from russia's foreign minister, sergei lavrov in moscow. >> ( translated ): some 160 tanks and some 250 armored personnel carriers and other heavy military hardware, are waging a war with their own people. this is a bloody crime, and those who pushed the army to do that will pay, i am sure, and >> woodruff: russian forces were on the move, as well, in maneuvers. ukrainian officials claimed they had come within 1,100 yards of the border. and acting prime minister arseny yatsenyuk sounded an alarm. >> ( translated ): military aggression by russia on ukraine's territory will lead to military conflict in europe. the world has not yet forgotten world war ii, but russia already wants to start world war iii. >> woodruff: last night, secretary of state john kerry had accused moscow of fomenting trouble in ukraine, in direct violation of last week's agreement in geneva. >> if russia continues in this direction, it will not just be grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake >> woodruff: but russia's lavrov rejected the criticism today. he insist
the threat of more sanctions against russia in moscow must stop intimidating ukraine baby you with names and she a country where sexual violence is used as a weapon of war what they want the conflict in eastern ukraine is worse than eating out work by hour and now ukraine says a team of osce observers of the german command has been taken hostage in for the ons the german foreign ministry will only confirm his last contact with the group a pro russian leader in the city says that the spine from kiev was with the observers of the key of defense ministry's as they are negotiating with the separatists to secure the observers released a group of four germans who once we one day and when jack and one pole was a kid was accompanied by several ukrainian soldiers or if we want ago. note to our correspondence even kim who is in the eastern ukrainian city of going yet to lose in what can you tell us what brings up today and the ladies that you've heard about this observer mission well for what's going on nor is it worth getting up at this point. worth pointing out the remainder of the clinton era i
with russia from major garrett, david martin, and holly williams. a new study shows many who take statins to lower cholesterol develop bad habits. jim axelrod explains. with two popes rising to sainthood, we'll meet the man who investigates miracles. >> you make saints. >> i make saints. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road" with a waitress who got the tip of a lifetime. >> i'm still in shock, really. that's the only way i can describe it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. good evening. this is our western edition. this was supposed to be one to have the happiest nights of marian sanchez's young life. like so many other teenagers, this time of year, she was looking forward to going to her prom tonight. with that oldest of high school traditions childed head on with a new and all-too-familiar school reality-- violence. maren was stabbed to death today, allegedly by a classmate, in a high school in milford, connecticut. vinita nair is there. >> reporter: the attack happened just after 7:00 a.m. as students were headed to first period class. t
monitors and claim one is a spy. >>> the pentagon says russia's military jets have crossed into eastern -- into ukrainian air space several times within the last 24 hours. tensions are rising on the ground as well. barnaby phillips reports. >> reporter: the skies above the town of kramatorsk, ukraine an government says one of its helicopters exploded off it was shot in the fuel tank just as it was taking off. the pilot survived. >> the helicopter was taking off and then crashed. it was on fire and there were firemen, four fire engines, you can see smoke is probably still billowing. >> reporter: over the border in southwestern russia, military exercises continue, the size and scope of these exercises has alarmed the ukrainian government and many governments in the west. russia has said if the lives of ethnic russians in ukraine are threatened it reserves the right to take action. these men are learning knew and lethal skills. they say they are preparing for a russian invasion. of course these men are no match for the russian army in terms of numbers, in terms of training or equipment. bu
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